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Vila Hermanos: Natural, Sustainable Candles

Vila Hermanos: Natural, Sustainable Candles

Vila Hermanos: Natural, Sustainable Candles

Vila Hermanos is the leading Spanish manufacturer of a wide variety of certified 100% natural candles covering varieties with essences of tea, a honey base, massage candles, sculptural candles and more.

Our organic Lavender essence has given way to a new production concept of safe and natural candles that is the outcome of a long search, based on knowledge about plants, essential oils and their interaction in harmony (green living), using only 100% pure vegetable waxes.

Our candles are free of petroleum, paraffin wax and animal fat. The raw materials are blends of different recipes that Vila Hermanos has been making since the late 19th century, with natural and biodegradable substances to ensure a clean and renewable energy source.

The candles we obtain burn brightly and cleanly, produce no smoke and last up to 20% longer than regular candles.

The vegetable oils have very clean combustion properties and emit no smoke or gas like paraffin candles do and which can harm your health.

We want to make sure that our customers arenot buying candles from crop land producedby deforestation. Our candles do not cause or contribute to the destruction of tropical forests, loss of animal habitats or extinction of species and in no way negatively impact the lifestyles of the local people.

That’s why our philosophy is to think like a green organisation and ensure that our natural candles are 100% sustainable.