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New Range of African Inspired Candles for Christmas

New Range of African Inspired Candles for Christmas
With Christmas just around the corner, we once again present new decorative candle collections with new inspirations. This time around our new candles pay homage to Africa.

Our Africa Inspiration collection is designed to carry you away to the aromas of the African savannah, the colours of the tribes with their ancestral knowledge, the wisdom of the masters who have maintained and transmitted a way of life and understanding our place in the world and how to live in harmony with nature.

And what does Africa smell of? British writer Graham Greene defined the predominant smell in Africa as a mix of stables and flower shops. For others, what sets it apart is the intense smell of its spices. The characteristic African smells are also those of the outdoor markets, in the skin of the people, the humidity and coffee in the middle of the Congo rainforest, in the faint aroma of the Acacia savanna. We have collected a little of each to create a series of decorative candles with 100% African images and smells.