Introducing a new collection inspired by the aromas of Spain

Introducing a new collection inspired by the aromas of Spain
Patrick Douenat, alma mater of Vila Hermanos, the Spanish firm specialising in luxury fragrances turned into candles and diffusers, presents Organic, a new collection of fragrances inspired by the aromas of four places in our country: the Ruta del Quijote, the Ruta de las Camelias, the Camino de Santiago and the Sierra de Irta.

The aromas of this collection invite you to immerse yourself in Spain, through its fascinating fragrances, you take an olfactory journey through its wonderful places, routes and above all, through the iconic aromas that characterise them.

With a minimalist design inspired by nature, this collection of candles and mikado diffusers are made of recycled ceramic in white, with recycled leather labels and cork lids covered in leather in pastel tones. Their design boxes contain a new collection capable of conquering the seats and recreating natural spaces of our geography.

Organic is composed of four perfumes:


Fragrance inspired by the Route of Don Quixote. A walk through the lands of La Mancha. We let ourselves be enveloped by the wide variety of aromatic herbs that we find along the way, lavender, myrtle and rosemary.

Myrtle is an evergreen Mediterranean shrub loaded with symbolism in the classical Greek and Roman world. It is a plant consecrated to the goddess Venus or Aphrodite, symbol of love and beauty, and at the same time a symbol of eternal youth, due to its evergreen leaves.


Fragrance inspired by the Camellia Route. A walk through the Rias Baixas where the flower of Japanese origin is the absolute protagonist, contrasting with aromatic plants such as thyme and rhubarb, bringing a sparkling touch to this fragrance.

Rhubarb, the Mediterranean plant par excellence, also known as the "golden sun plant" for its multitude of properties and its colour.


Inspired by the Camino de Santiago. With this fragrance, we bring together the freshness of the aromatic plants with the
aromatic plants, with the delicacy and depth provided by the white flower muguet, which gives balance to the combination of woody and ambery final notes.


Fragrance inspired by the Sierra de Irta. The Sierra de Irta smells of mastic, rosemary, thyme, seaweed and sage. A scent that evokes memories of the sea tousling its waves, the caress of the wind and, in short, the flavour of the Mediterranean.

This fragrance transports you to a path where the scent of pine, aromatic herbs and the saltpetre of the waves hitting the cliffs allows you to connect with nature.

The collection is available in a 200g scented candle with a burn time of 45 hours and in a 100ml mikado diffuser.