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Ambre Extreme Candle

Ambre Extreme Candle

Amber Extreme
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The Ambre Extreme candle has a sensual, elegant and woody character, with notes of pink pepper, cardamom, amber and moss.

100% natural vegetable wax. It contains neither paraffin nor palm oil. Pure cotton braided wick free of heavy metals to guarantee a 100% clean burn that is respectful with the environment. Natural fragrances of great purity, originating from the most prestigious area in the world, Grasse, in French Provence.

Glass painted red with ecological water-based paint, ceramic cover with Vila Hermanos 1884 relief work and ceramic detail in the glass. Presented in a flat design box.

Weight: 280g.Volume: 40 cl. Burned time: +/- 55-60 h. Ø 90 mm. Height 100 mm.
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Amber Extreme

Chypre, Oriental (Spiced)

Woody and dry notes that provide an extraordinary performance.

Base note: Pink Pepper, Lemon.
Middle note: Ginger, Cider, Caramom, Toasted Sugar.
Top note: Amber, Vanilla, Moss.



All year round

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